You shall seek the healing of the emotions and the memories

The first level is to forgive the person because the Lord has forgiven you. You visualize Jesus standing behind the person you need to forgive. Jesus may be in glory or He may be crowned with thorns. You might even want to picture Jesus on the cross with the person standing at the foot of the cross. Visualizing this during prayer, you say, “Lord, I forgive him or her because You have forgiven me. Because I have been forgiven, I must forgive.” This is the first level. The second level is a level much deeper into forgiveness. Once again, using the imagination, we say to the Lord, “You want me to be happy. You wat goodness and good things for me. You want my happiness more than I want it for myself. If you want this for me then I want it for this person. Lord, I ask you to bless this person, to make them happy as you desire to make me happy.” Third level of forgiveness you ask the Lord to let His love flow through your heart. This level is easy to talk about but it must be experienced by each individually. You visualize the person with the Lord and say, “Lord, let your love flow through my heart. I know you love that person and I want your love to flow through me to them so that in some way I might have a share of your love for them.” Then continue on and merge the two, the Lord and the person we need to forgive. Ruth Carter Stapleton says that when you can visualize the person and Jesus merging into one, seeing them in Jesus and Jesus in them, then you have truly forgiven them. There is a tremendous amount of healing of the emotions in this act.

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