Trust Your Internal Voice

Another difference between people who have unstoppable confidence and those who do not is that people with unstoppable confidence trust in their internal voices. Although they listen to others for feedback, they tend to rely more and place more weight on their own internal voice than the voices of those around them. People who lack unstoppable confidence tend to listen to the voices of those around them far too much. This leads to a propensity for conformist thinking, because people listening to and following everyone else will naturally become like everyone else. People who are unstoppable have to rely on their internal voice. Otherwise, they would allow everyone else with "stinking thinking" to convince them that whatever goals they are seeking to accomplish cannot be achieved. Listening to your internal voice means that you recognize what is valid, useful feedback and what is negative, destructive criticism. People who listen to their internal voice are said to have an internal frame of reference. People who follow the voices of others are said to have an external frame of reference.

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