You shall forgive yourself

We need now to focus on that area of unforgiveness that causes people the most difficulty, and that is the forgiveness of self. One of the difficulties is that we are obliged by the Lord Jesus Christ to love ourselves as He loves us. Many people cannot love themselves; they cannot accept themselves and cannot forgive themselves. We are all painfully aware of that. We want to love. We want to share. We want to be open. We want to love. We want to reach out, and yet some of us find difficulties in those areas. You cannot give what you do not have. Unless you have a love of yourself, a healthy love of yourself, seemingly it is impossible to reach out to love others. We need to think positively about ourselves and to talk positively about ourselves. How many people do you hear talking negatively about themselves, putting themselves down? If you do, that is a good indication there are areas of unforgiveness and guilt. If there is something in your life that you would rather not talk about, that also is a very good indication that you need forgiveness of self.

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