Get Rid of Negative Emotions

Let's begin to blow out those negative emotions. A great place to interrupt and banish those useless thought processes is to consider the language you use to describe them. Let's say you've feared public speaking. How would you describe this fear? If you say, "I have a fear of speaking in public," you are, in a sense, taking ownership of something that is just a mental process! What if you were to describe what is really happening and say, "When I think about speaking in public, I run a process in my mind that I have labeled as "fear." How much does that change things for you? How much better do you feel, knowing that what you previously described as "a fear of public speaking" is really just a process that you can reverse? begin now to notice how you have been describing other negative emotions. Have you been saying things like, "I always get nervous when I talk to stranger," "Talking to customers makes me anxious," or "I just feel depressed?: Instead of saying "I feel sa," describe for yourself what is really going on: "I choose to think in a certain way that results in my feeling sad when I encounter a certain set of circumstances." It may sound a bit hokey at first, but as you continue to think about it and really dig into the meaning of that sentence, you will begin to gain a sense of how truly liberating this is.

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