Confidence Is a Process

Confidence is not a thing; it is a process. You may still be thinking of confidence as something that you either have or do not have, but that's not the case. Calling something "confidence" is actually a misnomer. There is only such a thing as acting confident or behaving in a confident way or thinking confident thoughts. The same goes for any emotion, be it fear, sadness, depression, or anxiety. None of these are actual "things." They are the result of processes, sequences of thought that you run in your mind. Up until now, you may not have been aware that you were doing this, but the vital point to realize is that you have complete control over these processes. You can decide which mental processes are useful and which are not, and if they are useless, you can stop, interrupt, and banish them.

By Changing Your Language You Change Your Life

Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) shows how language, both verbal and nonverbal, affects our minds. The language you use to describe what you are feeling impacts your feelings tremendously. It is your knowledge and awareness of these processes that gives you power over them. When somebody says he or she is depressed, what that person has done is built that notion into his or her very being. People can't be depressed all the time; if they were, they wouldn't call it depression. It'd just be their normal state of being. Instead, people who consider themselves depressed should be saying, "I run a process through my mind that causes me to experience certain feelings that I have collectively labeled as depression." The same goes for anxiety.

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