Adding More Options to Your Life

There's an easy way to add more options to your life. Pay attention to how people use language. Language indicates how we view the world, and it can either empower us or limit us through what we say. Some people use their language to try to force limitations on you. Any time someone offers you only two choices, beware. Ask yourself if there are any other choices that have not been mentioned. Is there anything stopping you from choosing both options? The more options you have the more empowered you are, which means you will have a greater chance of success. Salespeople are taught to intentionally use their language to limit our apparent choices. For example, let's suppose you've found a certain model of automobile you like. The salesperson might say something to the effect of: "Now that you've decided on this car, would you like to pay with cash or do you want to finance it through us?" This question automatically assumes that you are going to purchase the car, with the only remaining detail being how, specifically, you want to pay for it. Even if you did want to purchase the car, there might be another payment option that the salesperson's limiting statement hasn't covered. What if there were a hybrid part cash, part financing option? That is not reflected in the salesperson's statement. Here are some questions to generate more options when you are presented with only a few:

What's stopping us from doing both (or all) the options?

What other options haven't we examined yet?

Are these our only options?

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