We tend to think we already know and understand our loved ones very well, but that may not be so. If we haven't understood our own suffering and our own perceptions, how can we understand the suffering of another person? We shouldn't be too sure that we understand everything about the other person. We have to as, "Do I understand myself enough? Do I understand my suffering and its roots?" Once you have some understanding and insight into
your own suffering, you begin to be better at understanding and communicating with someone else. If you can't accept yourself if you hate yourself and get angry with yourself how can you love another person and communicate love to him or her? Self-understanding is crucial for understanding another person; self love is crucial for loving others When you've understood your suffering, you suffer less, and you are capable of understanding another person's suffering much more easily. When you can recognize the suffering in the other person and see how that suffering came about, compassion arises. You no longer have the desire to punish or blame the other person. You can listen deeply, and when you speak there is compassion and understanding in your speech. The person with whom you're speaking will feel much more comfortable, because there is understanding and love in your voice.
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