Most clothes dryers are vented. They have a long, wide vent hose that extends outside, safely removing excess heat created during the drying process. It would be healthy if we human beings could similaryly vent our anger and frustration and release it forever. However, what most people call venting typically involves griping to other people. In loud and angry words, they tell how they have been wronged or disappointed. In doing this, they think they are “getting it out.” They are not. There is a common miisconception that griping about a person or situation makes us feel better and releases stress, that somehow it cleanses the anger from us. It is believed that by telling another person how upset we are we can vent anger just as smoke would rise up a chimney and be gone forever. What most peole call venting is actually complining. Venting is:
~Complaining. It is energetic statements focused on the problem at hand rather than the resolutjion sought. ~Done by a person to GET ATTENTION, remove him or her from responsibility,, Inspire envy or brag, have Power over someone, Excuse poor performance, or any combination thereof. ~About assigning blame to someone other than the person doing the speaking.
Venting your anger is not going to diminish it. Processing your anger will release your negative energy so you can move past it.
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