Why We G.R.I.P.E

You deserve healthy, open, mutually satisfying relationships, relationships that support your dreams and celebrate your unique, individual path; relationships that are honest void of taxing personal agendas; relationships that nurture your spirit and replenish your soul. Complaining has no place in such ideal relationships. Complaining is corrrossive to the bonds that unite people. Yet for many, complaining is woven into the fabric of their connections. People waste much of their precious time complaining to and aoubt one another as well as griping about life in general. This griping is not only damaging to the relationship but also damaging to those within the relationship. A recent study at the University of Missouri found that teenage girls whose relationships were based primarily on complining about their parents, teachers, peers, etc. tended to suffer significantly higher rates of depressions.
G.R.I.P.E. ~~
G-get attention
R-remove responsibility
I-inspire envy
E-excuse poor performance
When you hear yourself or someone else complain, try to determine what the underlying motivation might be.
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