A continuing development involving many changes, generally involving a number of steps. It involves discerning changes you can make. If you have an issue with someone, you can truly resolve it only by talking directly to that person. If an issue with someone is particularly challenging for you, it may be helpful to process with someone else befor approaching the person you need to speak with. As the above definition explains, processing involves changes and this is important: these changes are in YOU, not the person you are processing about and not the peroson you are processing with. Processing is about working through something; it’s seeking clarity where you may be unclear. Processing involves gooing dispassionately through the facts to make sure your energy is clear regarding the person or situation. It is not griping to validate your position. You are 50% of any relationship but you are 100% able to respond to improve the situation. Processing is making sure that you own the situation: it is discerning your options. To master processing, remember the acronym C.A.N.You CAN work through challenges and discover the best course of action for issues that are upsetting you by processing them with another person.
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