The Primary Relationship

Since you must spend so much time with yourself you might as well get some satisfaction out of the relationship.
~Norman Vincent Peal
“Why am I here?” For millennia, human beighs have wrestled with this question. The reason for our existence has been posed, pondered, and postulated aroungd the world and throughtout history. Before I share my answer to this question, let’s reflect on the question. Humanity’s enduring quest to understand why we exist presupposes one thing-that people do, in fact, exist for a reason. What would spur this universal search to answer a question if we did not at our core know that the question had an answer?
My answer to this question is simple: we are here to have fun and to grow.
Relationships are for: 1. Fun 2. Growth.
We are here to have fun. Life is filled with wonderful experiences to dazzle our every sense. There are delightful things to smell, see, hear, touch, and taste: the smell of a chocolate cake baking, the delicious taste of that cake still warm from the oven and covered in thick, gooey icing, the lilting sound of children laughing, the breathtaking sight of a double rainbow after a summer rain, the exquisite tactile feel of petting a beloved pet. There are things everywhere tat are fun. We might categorize these things with any of a number of terms, such as pleasurable, exhilerating, tasty, satisfying, stimulating, or whatever, but the bottom line is they are fun and if we were not embodied we could not experience them. Our bodies are more than housing for our souls, they are portal through which we experience pleasure.
In school you get the lesson and then take a test. In relationships you take the test and you get the lesson. We are here to grow and other people provide us with the challenges, the feedback, the role models, and the inspiration to do so.
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