So what are your beliefs about what it takes to be in shape and physically healthy?

Shaping Up Your Out Of Balance Thinking

Is it necessary for a person to suffer every day and go through a rigorous workout routine in order to be in good health physically? These are commonly held beliefs that should be challenged if you’re seeking a more balanced life. Your wish is for a body that looks and feels terrific-that’s the tenth rung desire. So what kind of thoughts do you entertain in order to reach this desire? All too often your thoughts go something like this: I’m not an active person. It doesn’t matter how much I exercise-I still can’t get the weight off and get in shape. I hate running and sweating. I’m not destined to be athletic. These beliefs, and many like them, keep you on the bottom rungs of that ladder. Moreover, they contribute enormously to the obesity crisis, and to the existence of so much lifestyle related disease that originates in this kind of collective thinking. When you change your thoughts, and what you believe about what’s possible for you, you change everything, including your physiology. You need to fervently believe that you’re a specimen of perfect health by creating that picture of yourself as looking and feeling great. Carrying this image wherever you go and believing passionately in its reality is a total thought-changer! Now the inner dialogue will sound more like this: I’m headed in the direction of perfect health. I have no shame or guilt about myself or my behavior. If I choose to be a couch potato, I’ll be a healthy, trim, beautiful couch potato. I love my body. I’m going to take great care of it because it houses the sacred being that I am. As you begin this new ritual of changing the way you look at your body, the body that you’re looking at will change.

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