Fighting Any Adverse Condition Only Increases Its Power Over You

On a daily basis, we hear from a variety of sources that our world is turned upside down, evil exists everywhere, and terrorism is a way of life. People seem determined to kill each other in increasingly violent ways, while young children are recruited to become suicide bombers in the name of God. Radio, television, and online news outlets dispense an endless cascade of man’s inhumanity to man, family members gone berserk, teenagers on killing rampages in their schools, and terror on cells rocking Earth’s consciousness everywhere from train stations to places of worship. I could go on describing the ways in which we’re continually bombarded by the media, but I’m going to stop because I’d be violating the central premise of this message. The point I’m making here is that we seem to live in a totally out of balance world where our desires for feeling peaceful are challenged by the myriad nonpeaceful energies that are considered newsworthy. But we do have a choice in this matter. And we can choose to realign ourselves energetically with our desire to live in this world peacefully, regardless of what’s going on around us, and in spite of the nonpeaceful energy we’re so often subjected to. We can begin by deciding to maintain a tranquil existence within ourselves even when others promote fear, anger, and hatred about this violent planet. After all, a massive collective effort throughout the history of humanity by those in positions of authority has taught individuals whom to fear, and even worse, whom to hate. If we’d been alive in America back in the 1750’s, we’d have been told that it was our patriotic duty to hate the French as well as the Native Americans. Twenty five years later, we’d have been told that it was ok to stop hating the French, but that we were obliged to hate the British. Now fast forward 87 years, and if we lived in the South, we’d be told to hate those in the North, and Northerners likewise were required to hate Southerners, even if they were related by blood.

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