The Moment of Decision

If you only learn to master one moment in your life, learn to master the moment of decision. We all make choices. That’s the easy part. The hard thing about choices is living with them. We all have regrets. We have all said and done things that we would do differently if we could go back in time. We know we can’t. We may have made peace with those choices to some extent, but still, in the quiet hours they haunt us. If I could give only one piece of advice, it would be this: Make choices that are easy to live with. Make choice you can look back on longingly, like you do upon the best of times with the best of friends. Life is choices. We are constantly making them. but are we choosing wisely? We are not born great decision makers. It is something that must be learned. When you have a decision to make, consult your future self. Imagine yourself twenty years from now, looking back on this moment, and honor what your future self advises you to do.


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