When Life Finally Makes Sense

Once we discover that some moments are holy, some moments are unholy, and our choices can guide a moment in either direction, life finally begins to make sense. This is no small thing. Most people in the modern secular world cannot make sense of life. The culture has exiled them from God, religion, and spirituality. So, each day is a frustrated attempt to put together the jigsaw puzzle of life without crucial pieces. We are baffled by life. This bewilderment is deeply personal, because we are not only struggling to make sense of life in general, but we are struggling to make sense of our own lives. The more disconnected from God our lives become the more meaningless life becomes. Holy moments give meaning and divine purpose to our lives. Meaning is crucial to our health and happiness. We cannot thrive as human beings without it. And we cannot live a meaningful life by filling our life with trivial things and meaningless activities. Holy moments solve the meaninglessness of our lives. There is a moment at the end of the day, when we lay our head on our pillow. Our bodies are tired, our minds relax, and our egos let go. It is a solitary moment. If we listen carefully in that moment, we will discover where we stand.

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