Types of burnout

Most workers are experiencing burnout. Nearly half of employees (48%) and more than half of managers (53%) report that they’re burned out, according to a new survey from LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft. Experts say that there are two types of burnout. One, disengagement, comes from being tired of doing your job. The other, depletion, is more of a chronic fatigue that impacts all facets of your life. The best way to determine which one you might have is to ask yourself about the pain points of your job and when in your career you’ve been excited about work — and then use the answers to determine a path forward.

You should ask yourself these questions to identify the type of burnout and the source:

– Why did you take this job in the first place?

– What was happening when you felt excited about your job or career?

– What was happening when you haven’t felt excited or you’ve felt depleted or frustrated by your job?

– One year from now, when you look back, what is going to make you feel excited and proud? What is going to make you feel disappointed? Stewart Life Coaching can help. www.edwastewart.com

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