16 Relationship Resolutions Every Couple Should Make

Surprise: It’s not enough to just tell your partner you love them! Pick one (or more!) of these expert relationship resolutions to make 2019 the year you star in your own personal rom-com, happy ending and all.

1. Avoid the ‘automatic no’ trap

“In 2018, resolve that you will do what your partner prefers unless you have a strong objection to doing it.

2. Be a partner, not a player

“Resolve that you will focus on what is best for the couple and not just what is best for you, individually.

3. Don’t turn a molehill into a mountain

“This year, couples should resolve to not let little upsets grow into big ones.

4. Don’t forget to have fun!

“Couples are told to spend time together, but it’s more important that their time together is positive.

5. Answer this tough question—honestly

“Come up with a list of things you can do to improve your relationship.

6. Question your feelings before letting them fly

“When you get upset, before you lash out first, ask yourself why?

7. Love is spelled T-I-M-E

“You can’t meet one another’s needs well if you aren’t spending enough time together.

8. Say the two most important relationship words every day

“Resolve to say ‘thank you’ every day this year.

9. Remember: It’s not always so personal

“Your attitude can change everything, so if your partner’s words or actions upset you, decide to keep it light and not to take it personally.

10. Dirty dishes in the sink? Let it go

“Everyone wants to be loved and accepted, regardless of their faults.

11. Don’t throw away those vacation brochures

“January sometimes feels a bit flat after the excitement of the festive season, so resolve to book a weekend break sometime in the coming year.

12. The couple that serves together, stays together

“A great resolution is to get involved in a worthwhile charity venture together, like a race or fundraiser.

13. Stop making assumptions

“Make this the year you consciously make fewer assumptions.

14. Do the three “A’s†every day

“Resolve to do the ‘triple A checklist’ daily, consisting of attention, affection, and appreciation.

15. Make 5 your lucky number

“Research has found that happy couples have a ratio of at least five positive interactions for every one negative interaction.

16. Schedule a daily debrief

“I encourage couples to make a resolution to schedule 15 to 20 minutes each day for a number of reasons:

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