When Worlds Collide

The other day I awoke to find myself in a great mood. I bounced into the kitchen to make some coffee. While there, I stood for several minutes to drink in the morning air wafting through the open windows. I watched with joy as the horses grazed and the birds feasted at the birI then went outside to feed our dogs. While there, I petted and talked with them at length. I went back in the house, poured my coffee, and began my morning ritual. I had a full day ahead but time seemed to move along comfortably as I meditated, exercised, cooked and ate breakfast, returned som emails, made phone calls, showered, dressed, and left for the office. All was well. I felt bright and happy, positively buoyant. The rest of the day followed suit. I handled everything that came my way with eease and joy.The next day, it felt like someone pulled the plug on my life. I awoke feeling completely opposite. This is a universal occurrence. Everyone is always changing. Everyone is different in any given moment thain any other given moment. Change is ongoing and inevitaable-for us all. We never stand still. If we celebrate the change, our relationships deepen.
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