Relating In Relationships

The word relationship stems from relate, which means “to recount or tell.” Therefor, it could be said that a relationship is a human connection grounded in what we tell ourselves about another person; that is, what we relate to ourselves about that person. That inner dialogue defines and determines the course of our relationship. A relationship is not just a surface interaction between two human beings. It is much more deep and complex. Other people sense the story we have created in our minds about them and they react accordingly. This is subconscious and instantaneous. It is something we all do all the time. Think of someone you truly appreciate. What is it that you find appealing about this person? What do you relate to yourself about this person when you see or think of them? Do you characterize the person as genuine, giving, caring, helpful, courteous, upbeat, selfless, happy or loving? Relationships are what you make or break them. Let a life coach guide you to find that inner peace.
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