You shall forgive if you want to be forgiven

the man forgave the worker a debt which amounted to several million dollars. the worker’s friend owed him a mere five dollars and yet after the tremendous manifestation of forgiveness on the part of the first man, the worker grabbed his friend and began to choke him demanding to be payed back. We all identify with this to a degree. We receive much from one yet we turn around and become demanding and insistent and unpardoning with another. This means if we wish to be forgiven by others, we must be willing to extend forgiveness. If we don not forgive, then we walk in darkness and wish to remain there.
Learn to forgive yourself, I can help you. As your life coach, I can teach you how to empower your inner strengths and move forward to find your gratitude and humility to forgive yourself and others. Contact me for a session, and let’s start strengthening your inner power.
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