Pray for those who hurt you and to whom you wish to extend forgiveness.

Love & prayer go together like a horse & carriage. Love & prayer are continuous. One flows into the other. Love is wanting what is best for a person & prayer is asking the Lord to bring to that person what is best for him. When we pray for others, this is a manifestation of love. As we pray this is love in action. Following our Lord’s instructions to pray for those who abuse you we will find that through our prayer we are automatically going to open ourselves up to forgiving them-to forgive those who have hurt us. While praying we use our imagination, this can be extremely powerful, just as it can be harmful when used for evil. A picture in your imagination in prayer is worth two thousand words! A way to make your prayer effective for those whom you wish to extend forgiveness is by including their name/s on a “forgiveness list”. We often find is difficult to forgive a person. Pray for those whom you wish to forgive, but seek first the healing of primary relationships. Using a forgiveness list, bring all those to whom you wish to extend forgiveness to God through your creative imagination.
As your life coach, I can teach you how to empower your inner strengths and move forward to find your gratitude and humility to forgive yourself and others. Contact me for a session, and let’s start strengthening your inner power.
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