This is the paradox that surrounds our quest for happiness:

We know the things that will make us happy, but we don’t always do them. We know how to unleash happiness in our lives, but don’t. Why? We’re all on a quest for happiness, and resistance gets the better of us. I know the people, things, behaviors, experiences that make me happy. It’s no surprise to anyone, I suspect, that these are the same people things, behaviors, experiences that help become a better version of self. Working hard makes me happy and there’s no work that brings more joy than helping others. At the end of the day everything is better in my world. Still there are times before helping a client I have to battle and slay resistance.
What makes you happy? Do you know? Before we jump into that, a better place to start might be with this: Are you happy? Let me assist you, as a life coach I can help bring you through this.
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