Most people think they are reasonably happy, and yearn to be happier.

So, let’s do something about this. Let’s increase your happiness score. With what I’m going to share is going to flood your life with happiness, and much, much more. It’s time to stop resisting and destroying our happiness. We do it in so many ways.: Worry about things not in your control, worry destroys happiness. Do you compare yourself with others in unhealthy ways? Comparison is a destroyer. Cling to bad relationships? Bad relationships destroy happiness. Do you self-doubt or self-loath? These, too, destroy happiness. Do you purchase items you don’t need or can’t afford? Debt destroys happiness and creates stress. Gossip, laziness, fear, excuses, negative thinking, ingratitude, jealousy all destroy happiness. You are on a journey for happiness. Work out what makes you happy, this is essential, so do working out what destroys your happiness. Let’s explore why we all have such an ongoing desire for happiness.
Key Point: Find out what truly makes you happy
Action Steps: Identify and write down five activities that increase your happiness.
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