Starlight, Star Bright

When I was 5 years old, I took an extreme liking to my sister’s toys. It made little difference that i had a trunk overflowing with toys of my own. Her “big girl” toys were much easier to break, and much more appealing. When I turned 10 and she was 12, the jewlery and make-up that Mom allowed her to wear caught my attention. It was a trend that continued for years except for a few threats and buises of catch-back to be left alone.
I had recently become very aware that boys weren’t as “icky” as I originally thought, the freshmen boys who were my age suddenly seemed so young. They couldn’t drive and they didn’t wear varsity jackets. My sister’s friends were funny and fun to hang around even when my sister tried getting rid of me. Before long I was positively giddy about a junior. My friends told me I had no chance with him. But, you can’t help who puts a sparkle in your eye no matter the age. Emothion ran me over like a truck when I was around him, I knew it was too late to try to be reasonable, I was star-struck! He was kind, sweet and sensitive. When my sister found out, she decided to make a fool of me instead of sit me down and explain what was happening. She humiliated me in front of him then proceeded to tell all her friends. I was laughed at. Now that I’m an adult and look back I realize my sister actually felt threatened with possible competition from me. We need to sit down and talk with each other, not plot against each other. We need to learn lashing out is not the answer.
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