A Geek, a Nerd, a Bookworm

Stand straight, shoulders back, chin up eyes forward, smile I mumbled to myself. No, it was an impossible task. I put my glasses on and slouched into my usual character. I immediately regretted the decision as I slid discretly into my desk. His eyes didn’t even flicer at my entrace. Clearing my throat in an effort to be noticed seemed hopeless. I pulled out my binder neatly labeled “History”, stole a glance at him as he sat at the desk next to me. He appeared just as he had in my dreams: flawless. Everything about him was right; his smile, how a strand of hair fell in his eyes and those eyes. He must have felt me staring because suddenly he turned and looked at me. Quickly I dropped my gaze back to my binder pretending to be interested in finding a paper. I refused to peek to see if he was still studying me. Instead, I shifted my eyes toward the window. The light from the sun made me squint. #stewartlifecoaching#overcomingackwardness#teenyears

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