Never get Discouraged

I have beaten resistance, I wish you could see how often I had to wrestle with it while I was writing this. Every word, every moment, every thought, every-time I wanted to go answer the phone, grab a snack…resistance doesn’t go away. But once you get into the habit of beating it, once you know you can beat it, that knowledge becomes very powerful. You have also beaten resistance. 57% of books that are purchased are not read to completion. Why? Resistance. I wonder how many people will not finish this book because resistance slays them. You are not one of them. Congratulations! Happiness is a choice. Resistance almost always stands between you and happiness. You have to break through it to experience the happiness you yearn for and the happiness God wants for you. I set out with a simple goal for this post to give resistance a name an help you to recognize it during the moments of the day. All great stories have a villain and a hero. Resistance is the villain, and you are the hero. When you do break through resistance, celebrate that, and then press on to live the life you imagined.
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