Blessed and Grateful

We have so much to be happy about, and it is easy to lose sight of this. If you scan the world on any given day it very quickly becomes apparent that for all the advances we have made in medicine, technology, and food supply, there is still an overwhelming amount of suffering on this planet we call home. This suffering manifests as poverty, human-trafficking, ignorance, greed, selfishness, and abuse to name just a few. It’s a mystery. This mystery reminds us that everything is a gift, and when you step back and truly consider it with any measure of honesty, it is all incredibly humbling. Yet, it is not enough for us to be humbled by all the ways God has blessed us. With blessing comes responsibility. Without gratitude what was extraordinary yesterday becomes ordinary today. Without gratitude a sense of entitlement takes over and begins to rot our soul. Without gratitude we get old and grumpy, or even young and grumpy. Gratitude keeps us young. It anchors us to the present moment. It reminds us of what matters most and what matters least, and fills us with the resolve to carry on the great mission God has entrusted to us. Count your blessings. Make a list of ten people, experiences, things, or blessings you are grateful for. Let your life coach guide you. I can assist you. I can teach you how to empower your inner strengths and move forward to find your gratitude and humility. Contact me for a session, and let’s start strengthening your inner power.
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