Managing COVID Fatigue is Crucial to Our Health and Wellbeing During the Pandemic

Compounded stress and exhaustion from worrying about the coronavirus is leading to “COVID Fatigue,” a shorthand way of talking about an overall sense of exhaustion based on the combination of challenges people are facing during the pandemic.
As a result, health care providers are seeing an increase in people who are feeling defeated, burned out and engaging in risky behaviors that can increase the spread of the coronavirus. Patients are also reporting higher levels of depression, anxiety, and alcohol and drug dependency as the pandemic persists. As a result, the next challenge is to flatten the mental health curve.
Change fatigue and uncertainty burnout
Radical acceptance that life will continue to be difficult for a while.
Find the silver lining.
Look for activities new and old that continue to fulfill you.
Depleted surge capacity.
“Take 5” mindfulness practice to recharge.
Expect less from yourself – cut yourself some slack and give yourself some grace.
Choose to move: Make physical activity a priority.

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