Learning to Listen

The hardest lessons to learn i life are the ones we think we have already learned. Most think they are good listeners, most think they are good drivers, and most think they are pretty good Christians. But compared to what? In reality, most people are not as good as they think they are at these things. the false perception is the result of illusory superiority. This is cognitive bias, whereby individuals overestimate their own qualities and abilities relative to others. From time to time it is good for us all to learn to listen again. Listen to those you love. Listen to your body. Listen to your conscience and soul. Listen to God. One of the fastest ways to improve any relationship is to become a better listener. There are dozens of ways to do this. Here are some.

1. Look at whoever is speaking, smile, make appropriate eye contact

2. Listen with your body. Your body language says a lot about how open closed, interested, or uninterested you are.

3. Don’t interrupt. I don’t know anyone who likes being interrupted. It signals, “What I am about to say is more important than what you were saying.”

4. Avoid distractions and disruptions. be present to who is in front of you right now. Try not thinking about the next thing you are going to say, that causes the mind to wander and stop listening.

5. Ask questions. Noting shows that we are engaged or interested like good questions.

6. Make sure you understand what the person is sayin. If you’re not sure, or think you’re sure, it can be helpful to say, “What I am hearing you say is…” Every relationship improves when we really start to listen, especially to God.


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