A Cool Drink of Water

After brushing my teeth, I stooped to drink the cool water streaming from the tap, drifting back to that unforgettable summer. It was the summer when life began-the summer I turned 15. I had my own car, along with a brand-new soul. It was not the memory of a new privilege that rushed back to me, but that of him looming over me with a laughing grin painted across his lips as he watched me drink from the tap. It was that memory that rushed back in my mind. Our relationship was everything it should’ve been, as if our time together was written for a novel. We met through friends like most typical high school relationships. We gre clser during the school year, spending time together on weekends rehearsing for the school’s musical. Being with hime changed my soul. I shared everything with him. I felt his love prying apart the hard shell of shyness that encircled me. His trust, love, support for me lifted me from the earth and gently sent me into the clouds.
After that beautiful memory and satisfing my thirst, I stood up and dried my mouth. I smiled remembering how he stood by me and protected me in so many ways. It’s impossible to sum up a year of pure joy, but if there is one way to do it, a cool drink of water from the tap would be sufice.
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