Get The Kind Of Help That You Need:

Every single one of us manages stress in different ways based on tons of different factors. If you’re struggling to continue to show up the way you want to then it’s highly possible you haven’t found the kind of help that you need. For me, when I go through something hard, I am deeply private about it. I would never feel comfortable processing things i a group. Neither is a right or wrong way, because when it comes to grief there is only your way. You have to figure out what will work best for you even if it doesn’t make sense to others. Just remember, processing grief is an action you take, not a destination you stay in, unmoving.

Never Let Them See You Run: This sounds like a random directive, I know, but let me explain…Over the years as I built up my reputation and my standards for the company, I started to develop rules for every session that was scheduled and the first one was to never let them see you run. No matter what is happening, never let others see you running. Because if you think about it: if you’re at a beautiful wedding and all of the sudden you see the staff sprinting somewhere, your natural instinct is to believe something is wrong.

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