Ask Yourself If This Is Real:

When past experiences are affecting the way we look at a situation, it’s incredibly difficult to even realize it’s happening. It’s so easy to get swept into the feeling without ever identifying what’s triggering it in the first place. A simple question that I ask myself when this occurs is, did the thing that I’m upset about really happen? Our minds are incredibly powerful and if you’re not careful just thinking about the possibility of something bad happening can make us feel as if something bad has happened. seeking the question might not immediately make the feeling I’m having go away, but it does ground me back into the present so I can start to get clarity.
Step Outside Of Your Perspective: Once I’ve asked myself whether it’s really happening, I can separate myself from the thoughts I’m having. Anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety or panic knows how easy it is to be controlled by the thoughts you’re having, so a separation is key to change the way you’re thinking and feeling. Even a momentary pause in the way you have been considering things can give you the space you need to make a shift.

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