Tuning In to Your Child’s Wavelength

Self-awareness is everything when it comes to really tuning in to our children. We need to be fully aware of what we are doing that might prevent us from finding a resonance with them, and that includes our own life experiences and how they make us react. Whenever we become mindful of not making the mistakes our parents made, chances are that we’ll think before we act. By dealing with our own issues through awareness, we can shift perspective and do some brain pruning of our own, replacing a negative with a positive outlook. Here’s what we need to do:

Pay attention

Break the chain of negative imprints

Avoid passing on a negative legacy

If you’re a single parent, here’s the good news: according to research, children only need one strong relationship with a primary caregiver in order to create a sense of self and healthy, long lasting relationships with others. In one study of teenage children researchers found that race, income, or a specific family structure did not predict retaking behavior such as drug or alcohol abuse, driving too fast, or taking chances in games. What protected children most from dangerous behavior was a strong relationship with at least one adult. So if we are single parents, we can take comfort in the knowledge that we can be enough. Neuroscientists estimate that 50% of happiness is an inherited predisposition, leaving 50% in our control. This is something we can actively help nurture, no matter if we are alone or part of a couple.

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