Inoculating Against Stress

Positive psychology researchers had finished a “meta-analysis,” a study of nearly every scientific happiness study available over 200 studies on 275,000 people worldwide. Their findings exactly matched the principles I was teaching that happiness leads to success in nearly every domain, including work, health, friendship, sociability, creativity, and energy. This encouraged me to apply the principles to other populations. If we are going to test the effectiveness of the Happiness /advantage in the working world, I wanted to see if teaching the seven principles could raise the happiness, well-being, and resilience. Several years ago I gave a seminar of positive training to managers at a company. Then I returned to see if the training had helped inoculate these individuals against negative effects of stress. Tests showed that the principles did just that, and in very short order; the group who had gone through the training reported significantly higher life satisfaction scores, and lower stress scores, than the controlled group that did not receive training.

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