All I Need To Know I Learned From The National Football League

In the world of American football, a few positions get virtually all the attention: quarterbacks, wide receivers, and star running backs. They’re the ones who grab most of the headlines, and their paychecks and fame are testament to their importance. But another group of football players is equally highly paid and perhaps even more valued, the offensive line, and yet very few people know who they are or what they do. Almost no fans walk around wearing their jerseys, but they should. When a football team lines up on the field, the quarterback stands behind a line of five oversized human beings crouched down on the turf. This is the offensive line. Just inches away from them awaits the opposing team, ready to pounce. At the sound of the whistle, massive, muscled bodies come flying forward, using every ounce of their weight and strength to rush the quarterback and smash him to the ground. The offensive line is the only thing standing between the quarterback and this charging mass of humanity. They don’t score touchdowns, they don’t kick field goals. They only have one job, protect the quarterback, but it is the most important job on the football field. After all, you can’t win a game if the quarterback is flat on his back before he ever has time to throw.

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