Are Office Romances Worth the Risk?

In brief
Check your employer’s policy before considering dating someone at work.
Don’t date your supervisor or someone who reports to you. 
Avoid flings. If it is serious, disclose your relationship to your boss and be transparent with co-workers.
If you decide the relationship is worth the trouble, consider transferring departments or finding a new job.
Before you ask a co-worker out, check your employer’s policy.
Some employers have a strict ant-fraternization policy prohibiting colleagues from dating one another. Some forbid relationships between supervisors and subordinates, while others have no policy at all. It is important to be aware of your employer’s policies before engaging in a romantic attachment at work, or you may be at risk of losing your job. Failing to comply could have serious consequences. 
Be transparent to your boss. Need more detail and guidance, call Stewart Life Coaching or check our website:
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