Mastering Your Internal Voices

Imagine a private radio station in your mind that broadcasts just for you. If the DJ put on a record that played a whining, drowning voice-]constantly cataloging your failures and griping about how hard life is-you’d feel pretty bad, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you want to turn it down-or fire the DJ? Conversely, what if you could listen to a rich, warm voice, reminding you about all the great accomplishments of your life, the things that make you happy and thankful, the goals and dreams that you you have? Wouldn’t that feel just great? Wouldn’t you want to listen to it a lot, with the volume high enough for you to feel it vibrate throughout your body? That is exactly what I speaking of. By mastering some basic NLP techniques, you are going to learn to use your internal voice to positively change your state of mind and direct your thoughts in resourceful ways no matter how you have been using your voice so that your state of mind becomes and stays absolutely fabulous.
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