It’s Not Personal; It’s Personal

1. When someone makes a comment and you are tempted to take it personally, remember that it is personal-to the other person. It is not about you. Take a moment to consider what may be happening in the other person’s life either currently or in the past to cause him or her to speak to you this way. Journatl about what might be the real cause and release any back story your ego mind has that makes this somehow about you. It is not.
2. When you receive compalins from different people notice any patterns that emerge. Rather than disregarding these comments, thake what you hear as valuable feedback and journal as to what you might do to change your behavior if you feel that doing so would be beneficial.
3. Make a list of your strengths. Everyone has them. What are you uniquely good at? What talents and skills do you possess? When criticism comes your way, mentally un through this list and remember that you are a multifacated person who has many great qualities. Give thanks for your strengths and explore your growth areas as just the ongoing finishing touches of life.
4. When yiou have something to share with someone else about his or her behavior, consider how you might make it clear that your comments are not personal. Write down what you might say. Tell the person what you perceive to be his or her good qualities and express your gratitude for the things you admire. Let the person know that your comments are not intended personally and then explain specifically what you would like his or her behavior to be. Dont talk about what the person has done in the past; say what you would like him or her to do in the future.
5. Know your worth. If someone complains to you, refuse to take that comment as an estimate of your worth.
Affirm, “I am of inestimable value.”
The faoult, dear Brutus, lies not in our stars, but in ourselves.
~William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar
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