You have to break through resistance in order to accomplish even the smallest tasks.

For example: You sit down to write, but instead you start checking your e-mail or thinking about what snacks will be required to write something great. This is resistance at work. Sure, you are an accomplished author and have written twenty books that have sold millions of copies, but just like every college student who sits down to write a paper, you will have to slay resistance in order to even get started. This is why most who start writing a book never finish it.
Looking back, where did you encounter resistance? It was there, wasn’t it? In fact, if you really sat down and analyzed your day, you would discover that many times throughout the day you were in a tussle with resistance. Key point: resistance stands between you and happiness. Action step: write down every time you encounter resistance for a week. Call me and I will guide you to the next step: Accomplishment. As your life coach, I will help you empower your inner strengths and guide you to be a better you.
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