You Cannot Succeed at Anything Without..

One of the many things I love about Catholicism is that it truly does bridge heaven and earth, not just in a theological way, but in a real and practical way. The simple habit of self0denial is a spiritual habit, but it has tremendous implications for our worldly affairs. Self0denial leads to the immensely practical skill of delaying gratification. The ability to delay gratification is intimately linked with success. You cannot succeed at anything unless you are willing and able to delay gratification. In order to have a healthy financial life that balances earning with spending and saving with giving one must be able to delay gratification. In order to raise children to become the best-version-of-themselves, one must be willing to delay gratification. Great marriages are built on individual and mutual delayed gratification. Great careers are built little by little over time, and require doing the hard work early and delaying gratification. Self-denial is essential to spiritual growth. In order to become our best self we must deny our lesser self. We deny our false self to find our true self. Resistance hates discipline. It hates self-control. Resistance abhors delayed gratification and any type of self0denial that makes your heart, mind, and soul strong.
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