The Habit

There are an unlimited number of ways to feed your soul. The best place to start is with daily prayer. It is the cornerstone of the spiritual life. the most astounding thing I have discovered in my quest to help people grow spiritually is that most have never been taught how to pray. Many of us learned to say prayers as children but there is a whole spiritual world that most have never experienced. It is a world most have never even been introduced to. It is an unavoidable fact that our lives do not unfold as we hope and expect them to. Is is also worth pointing out that very often we are defined by how we respond to the unexpected events of life. The unexpected, whether good or bad, reveals character. How then do we prepare for the unexpected? I can teach you how to empower your inner strengths and move forward to find your inner strengths. Contact me for a session, and let’s start strengthening your inner power.
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