If you want to change the world…start singing when you’re up to your neck in mud.

The night wind coming off the ocean was gusting, there was no moon out and a layer of low clouds obscured the stars. I saw a group of military men during hell week. Hell week eliminates the weak. This went on for hours. I could see some of the men were ready to accept defeat. After-all, how much longer could they endure the the cold muddy ground. Suddenly above the howling wind came a voice. Singing. It sounded tired and raspy but loud enough to be heard by everyone. One voice became tow and two became three and then before long everyone was singing. They continued to sing, it got louder and louder. Once again, a lesson learned. The power of one person to inspire those around him, to give hope. If that one person could sing while neck deep in mud, then could all of them. If one can endure the cold, then so could they all. If that one can hold on, then so could they all. With hope can ease the pain of unbearable loss. Sometimes all it takes is one person to make a difference. We will all find ourselves neck deep in mud someday. That is the time to sing loudly, smile broadly, to lift up those around us and give them hope that tomorrow will be a better day.
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