Anxiety and the Domino Tower

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by worry or procrastinated on a task, then you may have experienced anxiety.
Anxiety can cause less motivation, less focus, and more fatigue.
Performance at work or going to the gym can be daily triggers for anxiety.
These “micro” moments of anxiety are like dominoes – stacking up one by one and when one falls, everything in its path is knocked down. Anxiety may even lead to sleep disturbances, gut disorders, and pain. But anxiety doesn’t have to permanently disrupt your life.
The right strategies can take you from feeling stressed and uncertain to at ease and confident.
Uncovering the root cause of anxiety is the first step in getting strategies that work.
What is the root cause of anxiety?
Your genes can actually play a significant role in the way you experience anxiety. You can find out your own genetic likelihood of anxiety!
For example, variations in the HTR2A gene can result in lower serotonin and lower BDNF, making you feel less happy and more anxious. Higher BDNF levels are linked to happiness, learning, and memory.
Your report can reveal which are the 4 best relaxation techniques that may boost BDNF and help you soothe anxiety.
This is just one example of a personalized lifestyle, diet, or supplement recommendation that might be on your own results.
An easy to follow list shows all your recommendations in one spot.
No more guessing – get evidence based strategies to help you reduce anxiety and improve your health.
Learn how your genes can be a roadmap to help create a calm mind and relaxed body.
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