Find Yourself and Be Yourself

Remember, There Is No One Else on Earth like You
As a Child, I was extremely sensitive and shy. I was overweight and my cheeks made me look even fatter than I was. I had an old-fashioned mother who thought it was fooliish to make clothes look pretty. She always said: “Wide will wear while narrow will tear”‘ and she dressed me accordingly. I never went to parties, never had fun, and when I went to school, I never joined the other children in outside games or athletics. I was morbidly shy. I felt I was different from everyone else as well as undesirable. What happened to change this unhappy life was a chance remark. I was speaking with someone one day of how she raised her kids and she said, “No matter what happened, I always insisted on their being themselves.: That remark is what did it! In a flash, I realized I had brought all this misery on myself by trying to fit myself into a pattern to which I did not conform. To cultivate a mental attitude that will bring us peace and freedom, remember…Let’s not imitate others. Let’s find ourselves and be ourselves.
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